JUST A FEW COMMENTS FROM SOME OF MY PUPS NEW OWNERS there comments mean a lot to me as do my pups

I am extremely happy with my little chap : D 

We love our two boys one now 2 and one 10 weeks much appreicated thank you so much for two lovely pups  thank you :A

Billy has settled well with his big sister Ruby thank you for two lovely Aussies. thank you: S

I am settling in well with my new family from Buddy thank you: W

Khandi is a great little dog our whole family loves her thank you: R

Meg is just beautiful she is a real sweetie  thank you: H & P

Flinn is a special part of our family we all love him dearly  thank you :K

Zack is a special part of my life he is a great little dog : N

Buying this little girl is one of the best decisions we have ever made. she is so beautiful. I'm sure her temperament was established well before she came to live with us. Thank you so much for a beautiful puppy. We love her to bits: D

We would like to thank you for Buster we know he had the very best start in life and your love and commitment to bring up those little pups in the best way possible has made them the beautiful dogs they are. We love him so much I am almost in tears as i write this.He honestly bought so much joy into our lives. Well done we have so much to thank you for, you just can't imagine : K


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